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  • Does Kristen Stewart Need PR Help?

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    Does Kristen Stewart Need PR Help?

    Does Kristen Stewart need PR help? For  you that don’t know, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been onscreen stars and lovers in the cult-like and highly successful, Twilight movie series. If you don’t know that, then you also don’t know that Stewart and Pattinson have had an off screen love affair as well. However, this relationship, while widely known and reported had never been confirmed by either party, until her apology. During the break between Twilight movies, Stewart starred in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman directed by Rupert Sanders. Unfortunately, on July 17th, the 22-year-old Stewart and married Sanders, 41, were photographed in a steamy smooch session in Los Angeles July 17. Too make the story messier, Sander’s wife of ten years, model Liberty Ross, played Stewart’s mother in the film. Photos in the issue of Us Weekly show the two sucking face in Stewart’s car and embracing near a remote spot overlooking the Hollywood sign. As the first pictures hit the Web, Stewart immediately publicly apologized to her actor (and live in boyfriend) Pattinson and professed her love for him. The question is – Is Kristen Stewart handling her pubic relations properly? One, she probably did the right thing in admitting it right away; and two, she was correct in issuing an apology. Given that she was caught red handed, she could not deny it.  The.

  • To Succeed, Build Successful Public Relations

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    To Succeed, Build Successful Public Relations

    All the organizations or individuals that are looking forward to attain their goals by making use of public relations, need to win the trust of people first. For this, you need to create a positive image of yours and let others including your customers, society and overall population know about it. This can be achieved by making use of accurate communication and using it for giving out constructive impressions and developing long lasting relationships. It is important for all types of organizations to have a constructive community image so as to let others find out about their aims and achieve them in a perfect way. In order to get a good image and all its positive outcomes, one has to focus on a number of aspects like business announcement that consists of internal communication, communication with media and sponsors as well as with the employees. There are a number of options in this regard that include social media, networking and communication options that have been made possible through the most modern technology. Public relation is different from promotion in many ways. However, there is some part of self promotion in every such activity and there is no issue in it. Advertising, by definition, is the propagation of data and figures to get awareness about a product, service or cause and it may lead to positive results in the creation of.

  • Why Your Small Business Need Public Relations

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    Why Your Small Business Need Public Relations

    Many of the entrepreneurs usually underestimate the meaning of public relations and relate it to a mere press release. However, in reality, it is just a small part as PR is everything you communicate with your customers, employees, stake holders and media. Why is it important? Without spending on advertising, you can still share your message, create marketing buzz and generate sales and leads and all this is achieved simply by communicating with media and your customers. It is for free but you will have to spend some time and effort on it. The most important thing is third party credibility that is achieved when outsiders talk about your offerings and you cannot get it in any other way. How to get started? The first step for getting started with public relations is to find out your desired goal and make an action plan to attain it. It is important to know what you actually want to achieve and when. Next step is to find out and list down the people you will need to contact. For this, think about who will be interested in your story? They can be reporters, producers, bloggers and editors; call them and give your introduction. After that, you will have to develop a working relationship with them and keep sending news and stories about your organization. You have to prove yourself a great source.

  • Let Your Public Relations Department Handle Social Media

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    Let Your Public Relations Department Handle Social Media

    There is much confusion and talk about the control of social media in an organization when there is no defined department to do so. There cannot be a single statement about it as the role of social media for different brands is unique. It depends on how active the brand is on the social media as well as the ratio of target market that follows them over there. There are many people who follow their favorite brands but not all companies are making it their prime interest and their social media appearance has little or no impact on their reputation.  There are some examples where one small statement over twitter made the company see the worst reaction. The most recent example of this ‘problem’ is Kenneth Cole. Their new collection was out and they were eager to tell other about it. What they did ended up in a real disaster as they sent a senseless and highly inappropriate tweet. What they said is: Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online –KC This is what they in point of fact said and the only reason that seems to be behind such a careless tweet is that they were making an effort to take advantage of on a hot trending topic. While saying this, they totally underestimated the seriousness of the.

  • What Is The Status Of Traditional PR In The Social Media Era?

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    What Is The Status Of Traditional PR In The Social Media Era?

    The importance of traditional media that includes TV, print ad, radio is still important although we are living in the era of social media and blogging. It has become more important today as compared to the last decade. The PR people who are diverting their attention to the online relations are not making a right move. It is good to include an online part in your PR campaign but there is no reason to leave the traditional media elements. There are solid reasons for which traditional media is important. The recognition offered by this media is notable as the consumers tend to identify and recognize the major TV & radio stations as well as news papers as compared to the popular blogs online. The story coming through CNN or New York Times is going to have much more impact and reach to the average user as compared to the one coming on a popular blog. The major point here is that a story coming on the traditional media will also come on blogs and social media sites. Another important fact is that these traditional media keep an online presence and their traffic is usually more as compared to top blogs. It is a fact that bloggers write about what comes in newspapers or TV. So, if you get your story in the traditional media, you will automatically get the online.

  • What Is In A Successful Public Relations Campaign?

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    What Is In A Successful Public Relations Campaign?

    Public relations campaign is important particularly for those who are linked to some marketing work. If you are the one who is there to make a report on the success or failure of a PR campaign, keep reading as you will get some additional points.  There are different ways to measure the results of a PR campaign. It is quite possible to determine the success level and it depends on how clear the objectives and company needs are. The methods that are used for measuring the success of a camping are usually dependent on the reporting needs of company. Some companies tend to focus on media coverage while others give more importance to sales or traffic figures. No matter what method is used for measuring it, the PR campaign is meant to build a clientele and trust. There are some companies that make use of sales and website traffic figures to assess the hit of a PR campaign. This is usually done to find out the return on investment that was made in the execution of this campaign. Cost per inch computation is often used and the total value of the page is taken into consideration. The success of campaign can also be measured by making use of analytics methods. It is not easy to measure the overall hit because the reaction of an advertisement or article may be deferred.

  • PR Power: The Game Of Statistics And Numbers

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    PR Power: The Game Of Statistics And Numbers

    Are you interested in knowing: The percentage of people who use a five minutes per day exercise to lose weight? The number of people who make last minute reservations for their holiday trip? The percentage of athlete champions who run barefoot? Chances that you get cold on your ski trip? The percentage of people who will go on blind date on the New Year eve? If none of these questions hooked you, some other statement will if I keep saying them. The same happens with media. People simply love statistics as the numbers seem real no matter they actually are or not. These are the best thing to offer to the producers, writers, bloggers, editors and media people. It really attracts them and they find it useful. They will make use of your stats and quotes to make a great sizzling news and article. You can make use of statistics in your media pitches and PR campaigns and you may get statistics, percentages, figures and numbers off the Internet that relate to your offer. You may also carry out an online or offline survey on your own and use its results. If you want to do it on your own, here is a little help as you may visit and get much useful information. You may make some interesting surveys and get responses as per your will. The nature.

  • You Need A Media Kit!

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    You Need A Media Kit!

    Many people ask about the importance of media kits and if they are worth something. The right answer to this question is, yes. This particularly holds true for the businesses that offer some product for sale. Media kit is actually a tool kit that produces useful information for the journalist who can use it to make a story about your business or offer. What is included in this media kit is the press release, information about the company and spokesperson, information and facts about the product or offer, some photos, success stories and some samples. You can make use of it in your effort to pitch your story to media or in case you are replying to an interview request. Once you have all this information, you need to organize it and give it the shape of a physical kit. The best reasons for having a hard copy kit are: E-mails are much less helpful as compared to dispatch rider deliverance and journalists tend to notice them. It will give the journalist an opportunity to physically test your product sample. This will definitely create a first-class notion about the product.  Wait; find some more details as physical kits can cost you a lot. So, ask a few important questions and then make a decision. Does your budget allow you to create physical kit? The costs associated with a physical kit.

  • Offline And Online Methods For Public Relations

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    Offline And Online Methods For Public Relations

    Starting a business is much easier than building word of mouth about it. There are many ways as you can make use of advertising but it will only take you to some extent. A better idea for getting a huge impact in much less time is to make use of public relations. This is a whole bunch of ideas where you can do much to promote your business. Here are some simple tips about PR that will help you get started with it. As the first step, you will need to know about the local journalists and news papers. They are often interested in finding news about new businesses and their activities. You can make a press release and ask them to publish it. Many of the newspapers will find it interesting and they may ask you for an interview. You should keep in touch and update them about all new happenings and future plans. The other option is that you run a contest in order to let people know about your business. You should follow all the laws while organizing these contests and try to attract people with gifts and free entries. It will take some time to generate the word of mouth for you but it will be useful for your business in any case. Another method of getting good word about you is to speak for free.

  • How To Write Outstanding Media Pitch Notes? An Easy Guide

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    How To Write Outstanding Media Pitch Notes? An Easy Guide

    I need to ask a simple question from friends looking for small business public relations information. Let’s assume a situation where a friend of yours sends you a short, to the point e-mail about a dinner party. Additionally, another friend of yours sends you a long detailed e-mail at the same time with the same request. Who will get replied first? For sure, you will reply the first friend at once. The same happens with pitch notes. Shorter the pitch notes are, quicker is the response but it is really difficult to write some good but short pitch notes.  If you want to share some great news about your offer, make sure that you keep your pitch notes really short and relevant. Journalists are literally bombarded with pitch note e-mails everyday. If you want to make yours work well, follow these simple steps.  Relevant information: it is important to go through a relevancy check and find out if your pitch is going to be considered by the journalists. If we use the same friend’s request example again, how will you feel if a friend of ours living in New York asks you to go shopping with him while you are in California? This is not going to work. Similarly, if you send your pitch note about your all new clothing line to a journalist who covers technology is not going.

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