• What the heck is PR 2.0??

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    Dr. Paul Marsden has created this great presentation – PR 2.0: How Brands are Harnessing Participatory Media in Public Relations. This presentation is not for the tech savvy, but it is a good primer for others. You need to get it, read it, and learn it . . . before we unleash on the world – PR 3.0 🙂.

  • Follow the leader

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    Follow the leader

    A pricing strategy in which a business sets the price of its product and service offerings to be the same as the market leader’s. A follow-the-leader pricing strategy can entail either raising or lowering the price. The market leader may choose to counter this strategy by continually raising and lowering prices to make matching difficult. This type of pricing strategy does not work for businesses of all sizes. For example, a small business lowering its prices to the same level as a high volume retailer will have a more difficult time competing because larger retailers purchase inventory more cheaply by buying in bulk and typically will maintain higher margins. In this case, the small business may set an unsustainable price that could at best sap resources and at worse put it out of business. What does this mean for you? This strategy is one that is very common in many industries. But being lead around by the nose like a dog does not seem like the best approach. Further, losing control of your margins doesn’t seem like a smart idea either. If you are trapped in this cycle, you need to get off the roller coaster now. You need to communicate a new message to your customers. You need to let them know that your prices are based on the value proposition that you are offering. Additionally, if you lower or.

  • Shout it out loud!

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    Shout it out loud!

    If you have something to say, don’t whisper it – SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! Often companies have a good product, a good service or a good story, but no one knows about it. If you have a good product, a good service or a good story, get on the roof tops and let everyone know. Swedish entrepreneurs, Swedish executives and Swedish companies are often reluctant to sing their own praises. But as the saying goes – SHY PEOPLE STARVE. Tell you story first, tell it best and tell it often. If you really have some thing good, others will pick up on it and start spreading the word as well. BUT that will never happen, if you just whisper. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!.

  • Are there any rules?

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    Are there any rules?

    There is no single standard of practice.  There is no PR police. But does that means there are no rules? Of course, not. There are rules of conduct that are created and imposed by your colleagues, by your competitors , by your clients’ industry and by society at large. Part of the problem is that often you don’t know what the rules are until after you have broken them. One thing is clear, you need to establish a culture in your firm that speaks to your values. Further, you can’t just say what the company rules are, you need to walk the walk as well. As Prof. Terrence E. Brown says, “Demonstrative leadership is key.” What ever you culture you try to develop, try include – openness, honesty, transparency, merit, fairness and loyalty. Here are few slides that expand on this issue of PR and ethics. PR Ethics View more PowerPoint from kellimatthews.

  • Tell no one

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    Tell no one

    We are in stealth (and beta) mode. While that may seem oxymoronic – a PR firm that does not want publicity – we like to look at it as more ironic. 😉 We are trying not to draw too much attention to ourselves (yet). We are in beta because we are quietly and diligently working on a few things including but not limited to developing and testing methods, techniques, strategies to guarantee that we provide value to and for our clients. Some times research take time, so please bare with us. We will soon be releasing some of the results of our research. Further, we are not (currently) looking for any clients. Again ironic or moronic, pending on your point of view. LOL When we emerge from stealth and beta modes, you will hear about it (hopefully). 😉.

  • Is anyone listening?

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    Is anyone listening?

    We are working hard developing, testing and retesting new methods and techniques for our beta clients. We are looking for a few interns to work with us as Strategists, Creators and Connectors in Stockholm. Strategists – professionals who analyzes clients’ business Creators – writers, designers, and producers who generate ideas & create brand stories Connectors – professionals who reach target audiences through traditional and alternative channels as well as social media Requirements You should be a top student near the end of your studies in the field of PR, Branding, Storytelling or related fields You should be able to think strategically, but also not afraid to get your hands dirty in the practical aspects of the work You must have Swedish as your mother tongue, but be nearly as fluent in English   Tasks Help develop some of the methods, techniques and core principles of the Agency Test those methods and techniques with our beta clients   Benefits You will gain broad experience in the field of PR, Branding, Communication and Marketing. You will be able to supplement your theoretical training from school with actual hands on practice. You will NOT just have the typical intern experience. You will have real responsibility   Length Three to six months   Send whatever you think is relevant to – internship@WeArePRAgency.com.

  • Marketing your newborn

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    Marketing your newborn

    Marketing your startup can be a challenge, but it is one of the most important activities you must do. You have to view marketing and a broad set of activities that include not just advertising and sales, but also public/customer relations and promotions. Here is some food for thought as you consider PR and customer relations as part of your marketing strategy for your newborn business. PR Secrets for start ups Getting press for your new start up PR of startups How to use PR firms at startup Finally a rather lengthy video on PR for Startups from Two-Side Brain.

  • Embrace your fear

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    Embrace your fear

    Lions are not the scariest thing to face for most professionals, clients are. Most business claim they are customer-oriented, but that is just lip service. How many actually engage in any meaningful way with their clients or customers? Very few. Why? The simple answers is that they are scared to death. Of what you may ask? They are scared that the clients will actually tell them something that they don’t want to hear. Basically they are afraid of two things. First, they are afraid of hearing anything negative about their product, service, support,virtually anything and everything. Hearing negative things hurts. It can be painful. People and businesses try to avoid pain at all costs. Second,  engaging the client may cause them to hear something on which they may have to act. In other words, the company may have to change something they are doing. People and companies don’t like to change. Change can be painful and as we just said above. People and businesses try to avoid change at all costs. However, getting real customer feedback is vital. Understanding real customer wants, desires and well as their concerns and problems is how you can learn the actionable points that can separate your company from the pack. It is want will give you a competitive advantage and (drum roll please –  super normal profits. So enduring a lithe short term pain.

  • Wake-up call

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    Wake-up call

    If you are thinking about business as usual, you need a wake up call. Public relations, marketing, communications etc. How PR is Changing View more presentations from kellimatthews.

  • PR used car salesman style!

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    PR used car salesman style!

    Used car salesman and PR professionals should seemingly have little in common. However, many do. See if any of the below practices sound familiar. 1.             Loss-Leader Advertising: Notice the PR services on different site listings that come with unreasonably low prices? Actually, the PR firms who posted those do not intend on selling such services. Those listings only serve as bait in order for consumers to approach the firm. When they successfully discourage you in availing such services, they immediately introduce a more extensive and much costly service in exchange. Since the new service is more advantageous in so many ways compared to the previous, you gladly accept the offer and pay more in the end.  2.             Lowballing:  This is a technique used by a lot of PR firms to wear down potential customers. It starts with the “consultant” quoting a very low price for a certain product or service, and then suggests that you go to others and find a price that can beat what they have given. Since the amount is already absurdly low, you are expected not to find anything better. You go back to the first firm you visited only to find that the salesman still has to confirm the price with the manager and doesn’t get approved. This process is done repeatedly until you become too tired and decide to just go with what they’re.

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