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  • Public Relations: A Cost-Effective Marketing Method

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    Public Relations: A Cost-Effective Marketing Method

    A lot of entrepreneurs always bump into budget problems when it comes to marketing finances. However, it is already imperative that any business should find feasible ways in order to attract people and increase sales. By taking advantage of PR, you can make your business popular without spending a dime. When people talk about public relations, social networks and public groups are always part of the discussion. PR is basically a group of marketing efforts that aim to influence the community and create bonds with other influential people to achieve higher social status. Such efforts normally employ non-paid forms of communication thus, enabling any type of business to engage. PR is designed to create a positive image of a brand or business as well as form strong bonds with employees, customers, potential clients and affiliates, unions, and the whole community at large. The advertising industry is not as effective as it was a few years back. Incidents of unjustified claims have taught people to ignore advertising efforts and be pickier when it comes to product-related statements. Public relations are considered very effective marketing tools because they provide people with useful and justified information which anyone can use to his advantage. Usually, PR comes in different forms and the traditional way is to provide news stories or press releases to be featured in media segments and local newspapers. Since the creation.

  • 2 Techniques on Public Relations Small Business Owners Should Employ

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    2 Techniques on Public Relations Small Business Owners Should Employ

    The most important foundations of a successful business include Marketing and Proactive Public Relations. If a company does not try to reach out to potential consumers, it will most likely fail in maintaining the business’ status. What’s worse is that it could end up to total failure in the end. Years of research has been dedicated by Marketing and Public Relation consultants of various companies in order to come up with techniques and strategies that can be useful in achieving positive outcomes. However, hiring professional consultants are too advanced and costly for home-based businesses. Despite the fact that your business cannot pay for professional consultants does not necessarily mean that you should give up with such goal. Since a business will never gain customers if it stays behind the bushes, you have to find a way to implement good Public Relations and Marketing without hiring consultant expertise. There is a huge need for any business to let potential clients know of their existence. By learning the fundamentals of PR and marketing, you will be able to create your own strategies to attract more customers to your business. Within this article are easy, free and immediately applicable tips you can do for your business. First learn about the following tools you can use for your PR strategies. Social Networks – social networking is a free way of making people aware you.

  • Kick-Start Your Public Relations Campaign with 3 Surefire Methods

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    Kick-Start Your Public Relations Campaign with 3 Surefire Methods

    All the information seems helpful, but how do you even begin? Find out if you like to do it on your own or hire a professional instead. Then what do you do next? Study the following tips to find out what a good campaign should start with.   1. Find out what you want to achieve with the campaign. It’s very common for business owners to say that the goal for their campaign is to get more sales or better exposure to target clients. But, you need to be more specific than that. Determine what category your services belong to or what type of product is it for and then target the supporting bodies. For instance, if your business is a clothing line, it would be better to focus on fashion magazines and brochures. If you are an artist, target advertising companies and television shows. You’ll have a better chance of reaching your goal if you make it more specific. 2.     Focus your campaign on your target market. It would seem better if you appeal to all media outlets to get wider coverage, but it’s not going to be as pleasant as you imagine it to be. Also very time consuming. In simpler ways of saying it, stick to your target audience and focus all your efforts in finding out what they like to watch, read, or listen to. Don’t.

  • Are there any rules?

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    Are there any rules?

    There is no single standard of practice.  There is no PR police. But does that means there are no rules? Of course, not. There are rules of conduct that are created and imposed by your colleagues, by your competitors , by your clients’ industry and by society at large. Part of the problem is that often you don’t know what the rules are until after you have broken them. One thing is clear, you need to establish a culture in your firm that speaks to your values. Further, you can’t just say what the company rules are, you need to walk the walk as well. As Prof. Terrence E. Brown says, “Demonstrative leadership is key.” What ever you culture you try to develop, try include – openness, honesty, transparency, merit, fairness and loyalty. Here are few slides that expand on this issue of PR and ethics. PR Ethics View more PowerPoint from kellimatthews.

  • Tell no one

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    Tell no one

    We are in stealth (and beta) mode. While that may seem oxymoronic – a PR firm that does not want publicity – we like to look at it as more ironic. 😉 We are trying not to draw too much attention to ourselves (yet). We are in beta because we are quietly and diligently working on a few things including but not limited to developing and testing methods, techniques, strategies to guarantee that we provide value to and for our clients. Some times research take time, so please bare with us. We will soon be releasing some of the results of our research. Further, we are not (currently) looking for any clients. Again ironic or moronic, pending on your point of view. LOL When we emerge from stealth and beta modes, you will hear about it (hopefully). 😉.

  • Embrace your fear

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    Embrace your fear

    Lions are not the scariest thing to face for most professionals, clients are. Most business claim they are customer-oriented, but that is just lip service. How many actually engage in any meaningful way with their clients or customers? Very few. Why? The simple answers is that they are scared to death. Of what you may ask? They are scared that the clients will actually tell them something that they don’t want to hear. Basically they are afraid of two things. First, they are afraid of hearing anything negative about their product, service, support,virtually anything and everything. Hearing negative things hurts. It can be painful. People and businesses try to avoid pain at all costs. Second,  engaging the client may cause them to hear something on which they may have to act. In other words, the company may have to change something they are doing. People and companies don’t like to change. Change can be painful and as we just said above. People and businesses try to avoid change at all costs. However, getting real customer feedback is vital. Understanding real customer wants, desires and well as their concerns and problems is how you can learn the actionable points that can separate your company from the pack. It is want will give you a competitive advantage and (drum roll please –  super normal profits. So enduring a lithe short term pain.

  • Is your time running out?

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    Is your time running out?

    There are only two types of companies these days – the quick and the dead. One of the best books we have seen recently that deals with marketing and PR in real time is David Meerman Scott’s Real-Time Marketing & PR. The grist of the book and it’s message is – Gone are the days when you could plan out your marketing and public relations programs well in advance and release them on your timetable. It’s a real-time world now, and if you’re not engaged, then you’re on your way to marketplace irrelevance. Instead of us retelling the story get his mini-ebook here. Portions of this e-book appear in Real-Time Marketing & PR: How to Instantly Engage Your Market, Connect with Customers, and Create Products that Grow Your Business Now by David Meerman Scott.

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