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  • Get FREE free

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    Get Chris Anderson’s book FREE  for free from iTunes.  Unfortunately, you need to have a US iTunes account to get it. It’s not available in Sweden or too Swedes. Mmmm, what does that tell you.

  • Share your wealth – Move the free line

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    Share your wealth – Move the free line

    Creating a Wider Sales Funnel by Moving the Free Line Eben Pagan is one of the many entrepreneurs who had influenced a lot of people from all walks of life. He has shared countless lessons and has inspired many individuals. Pagan emphasized, “Give your BEST stuff away. For free!” People would usually hear him saying this. This philosophy may not work for all enterprises, according to him but it will not hurt to try. He added that figuring out what to give away for free is indeed a challenging task. There should be a balance of being generous and thinking of ways to attract more in return. If you mull this over, you are exposing yourself to a mental exercise, as you get to engage in the chicken-and-egg riddle. Most likely, your brain starts to enumerate the means by which you can give away things for free. You are most probably toying on the idea of getting what you paid for. With all these in mind, you might be experiencing headache as you attempt to make things work to your advantage. Well, worry not. There are online services that are free and which will proffer you excellent customer services and products. The question – What is it about the web that makes giving away things for free so necessary and easy? – might have popped your head. Maybe you are.

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