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  • Five Reasons Why the Media Ignores Your PR

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    Five Reasons Why the Media Ignores Your PR

    Has it occurred to you why there are businesses that immediately get their press releases published and there are those who have tried for such a long time but still weren’t given a spot? Even though excuses like picky media, bad publicist skills, wrong timing, outbreak, and so on can be used to cover your defeat, they will never help you get your press release published. If you think your press release is too good to be rejected, you probably need to read it again. If you are too proud to admit that you are hit by this article, the more that you need to read this. Bear with me as I give you the top five reasons why the media rejects your press release. You forgot to include uniqueness in the quality of your press release. Unless you are a genius, you would normally forget to make uniqueness a requirement. Try visiting a large and constantly populated bookstore and find the area wherein the same general topic as your press release is featured. More than often you would find at least three books of the same topic as your PR. Also, try a product competitive search and you will surely find out a lot of other businesses who are using or providing the same product, idea, or service. You are using a sales pitch article. Nowadays, people don’t really.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own PR

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    Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own PR

    There are times when we think that the job of publicists are simple, but in reality they do a lot more complicated things compared to some other professions. Duties such as getting press releases done and arranging interviews are just basic duties and involve more than just a phone call to an editor or a segment director. In most cases, the tasks aren’t that hard. There are a lot of business owners who prefer to do it themselves because they have mastered the art of making good PR’s and have built good relationships with their corresponding publication of choice. BUT, if you are new and don’t have any idea on where to start, its best that you get a professional to do all the hard work. It is possible to learn the methods yourself, but you are putting the reputation of your business in danger once you make a wrong move. When you get a professional, make sure that he or she is very good. Here are some of the reasons why it’s best to get professional public relation services. Good publicists have the capability of keeping your business and products on top of the game. This is one of the basic knowledge publicists should learn. You are technically not part of the local media list of people to consider. By having a professional who has all the connections and.

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