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  • Why Your Small Business Need Public Relations

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    Why Your Small Business Need Public Relations

    Many of the entrepreneurs usually underestimate the meaning of public relations and relate it to a mere press release. However, in reality, it is just a small part as PR is everything you communicate with your customers, employees, stake holders and media. Why is it important? Without spending on advertising, you can still share your message, create marketing buzz and generate sales and leads and all this is achieved simply by communicating with media and your customers. It is for free but you will have to spend some time and effort on it. The most important thing is third party credibility that is achieved when outsiders talk about your offerings and you cannot get it in any other way. How to get started? The first step for getting started with public relations is to find out your desired goal and make an action plan to attain it. It is important to know what you actually want to achieve and when. Next step is to find out and list down the people you will need to contact. For this, think about who will be interested in your story? They can be reporters, producers, bloggers and editors; call them and give your introduction. After that, you will have to develop a working relationship with them and keep sending news and stories about your organization. You have to prove yourself a great source.

  • How To Write Outstanding Media Pitch Notes? An Easy Guide

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    How To Write Outstanding Media Pitch Notes? An Easy Guide

    I need to ask a simple question from friends looking for small business public relations information. Let’s assume a situation where a friend of yours sends you a short, to the point e-mail about a dinner party. Additionally, another friend of yours sends you a long detailed e-mail at the same time with the same request. Who will get replied first? For sure, you will reply the first friend at once. The same happens with pitch notes. Shorter the pitch notes are, quicker is the response but it is really difficult to write some good but short pitch notes.  If you want to share some great news about your offer, make sure that you keep your pitch notes really short and relevant. Journalists are literally bombarded with pitch note e-mails everyday. If you want to make yours work well, follow these simple steps.  Relevant information: it is important to go through a relevancy check and find out if your pitch is going to be considered by the journalists. If we use the same friend’s request example again, how will you feel if a friend of ours living in New York asks you to go shopping with him while you are in California? This is not going to work. Similarly, if you send your pitch note about your all new clothing line to a journalist who covers technology is not going.

  • 2 Techniques on Public Relations Small Business Owners Should Employ

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    2 Techniques on Public Relations Small Business Owners Should Employ

    The most important foundations of a successful business include Marketing and Proactive Public Relations. If a company does not try to reach out to potential consumers, it will most likely fail in maintaining the business’ status. What’s worse is that it could end up to total failure in the end. Years of research has been dedicated by Marketing and Public Relation consultants of various companies in order to come up with techniques and strategies that can be useful in achieving positive outcomes. However, hiring professional consultants are too advanced and costly for home-based businesses. Despite the fact that your business cannot pay for professional consultants does not necessarily mean that you should give up with such goal. Since a business will never gain customers if it stays behind the bushes, you have to find a way to implement good Public Relations and Marketing without hiring consultant expertise. There is a huge need for any business to let potential clients know of their existence. By learning the fundamentals of PR and marketing, you will be able to create your own strategies to attract more customers to your business. Within this article are easy, free and immediately applicable tips you can do for your business. First learn about the following tools you can use for your PR strategies. Social Networks – social networking is a free way of making people aware you.

  • Ten PR Tips from PR Expert Emily Keough

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    Ten PR Tips from PR Expert Emily Keough

    Emily Keogh, the founder of Palm PR, wrote an article full of tips for small businesses tips for Entrepreneur Country.  While you should go and read the full post, below are the 10 Tips she highlighted. “PR TIPS 1. The first step is to be clear about your brand’s USPs. These are the things that only your business does and what differentiates you in the marketplace. These will become the press hooks that capture the attention of the media. If you’re not clear on your USPs, invest time to think about the things that you do best and create some key points around that 2. Define what you want to achieve from PR. Are you looking to reach out to your current customer base to keep them informed of what your business is doing or are you wanting to target new audiences? Make sure the publications you are targeting and the type of articles you are trying to get published are dove-tailing and working towards securing those aims. Are you looking to drive footfall? Increase awareness? Drive up the brand value? 3. Build relationships with journalists. If there are certain publications that you need to feature in regularly then make face to face contact with the journalists that create the publication so that they understand your business and can put a face to the brand 4. Be targeted. Research your.

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