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  • Ten PR Tips from PR Expert Emily Keough

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    Ten PR Tips from PR Expert Emily Keough

    Emily Keogh, the founder of Palm PR, wrote an article full of tips for small businesses tips for Entrepreneur Country.  While you should go and read the full post, below are the 10 Tips she highlighted. “PR TIPS 1. The first step is to be clear about your brand’s USPs. These are the things that only your business does and what differentiates you in the marketplace. These will become the press hooks that capture the attention of the media. If you’re not clear on your USPs, invest time to think about the things that you do best and create some key points around that 2. Define what you want to achieve from PR. Are you looking to reach out to your current customer base to keep them informed of what your business is doing or are you wanting to target new audiences? Make sure the publications you are targeting and the type of articles you are trying to get published are dove-tailing and working towards securing those aims. Are you looking to drive footfall? Increase awareness? Drive up the brand value? 3. Build relationships with journalists. If there are certain publications that you need to feature in regularly then make face to face contact with the journalists that create the publication so that they understand your business and can put a face to the brand 4. Be targeted. Research your.

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