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  • Why Your Small Business Need Public Relations

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    Why Your Small Business Need Public Relations

    Many of the entrepreneurs usually underestimate the meaning of public relations and relate it to a mere press release. However, in reality, it is just a small part as PR is everything you communicate with your customers, employees, stake holders and media. Why is it important? Without spending on advertising, you can still share your message, create marketing buzz and generate sales and leads and all this is achieved simply by communicating with media and your customers. It is for free but you will have to spend some time and effort on it. The most important thing is third party credibility that is achieved when outsiders talk about your offerings and you cannot get it in any other way. How to get started? The first step for getting started with public relations is to find out your desired goal and make an action plan to attain it. It is important to know what you actually want to achieve and when. Next step is to find out and list down the people you will need to contact. For this, think about who will be interested in your story? They can be reporters, producers, bloggers and editors; call them and give your introduction. After that, you will have to develop a working relationship with them and keep sending news and stories about your organization. You have to prove yourself a great source.

We Are PRTM specializes in creating value for entrepreneurs and companies in Scandinavia with up to 250 employees by developing and executing programs that increase the public's awareness and trust in our clients.

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